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Advanced Islamic Studies Mission


Our vision for the Qalam Advanced Islamic Studies (AIS) Program is to prepare our students for a lifelong commitment towards learning their faith while assisting them in forging a strong, positive identity that will enable them to successfully grapple the challenges they will experience as youth in a continuously changing socio-political climate.

The AIS Program strongly believes in each student having a voice in their studies. We understand that each student is different in their ability to absorb, understand and respond to material. We encourage students to vocalize their concerns and aid them to make decisions about how they learn best to effectively optimize not only their learning experience but the overall atmosphere and dynamic of the class. The Program accommodates different learning styles and adapts to diverse student needs as our ultimate goal is to provide the student with a beautiful and enriching learning experience.

The six years dedicated towards the Advanced Islamic Studies Program can be beneficial for students who are interested in pursuing a higher education in the field of Islamic Studies for academic credit upon their high school graduation. Additionally, this program can be taken by those who are simply looking for a way to continue their core middle and high school academics while building a strong foundation by remaining connected to their faith through learning subjects such as: Arabic, Hadith, Tafseer, Seerah and basic Fiqh..
For example, the rigorous Arabic language component of the curriculum prepares students to access and comfortably engage in reading and comprehending classical Arabic texts.

Additionally, while Seerah classes aim to build an appreciation and love for our Messenger(saws), they also provide a foundation towards self improvement. By studying the life of the Prophet(saws), one is able to find moral stories, values, guidance, and lessons that can be gained to apply to one’s life.

One of the most vital components of the program entails mentorship and support from the instructors to our students. Throughout the program, having consistent instructors enables students to build a strong bond, laying the foundation for a long lasting student-teacher relationship. By enabling interactions beyond the academic setting, learning is expanded to a social realm which aids in a well rounded understanding of the applications of their faith. Our goal within the program is not only to provide a great education on the academic front but also take steps to enhance their spirituality and character.


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