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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I obtain an application?
You can register online at our website .

2. If I register my child today does this mean that she is enrolled?
Registration is only the first part of the admission process. Your child needs to write the assessment test and an interview before she is enrolled.
View: Admission process and requirements

4. Up to what grade is Qalam Collegiate Academy?
We offer from grade 5 to 12.

5. Which curriculum do you follow?
We follow the TEKS Curriculum which enables us to offer the Standardized State Test or STAAR.

6. Can a student take Alima and Hafiza program at the same time?
No. Since the classes offered in the different tracks are taught concurrently, students have to choose and follow 1 track only. However, it is possible to change tracks when re-enrolling for the following year.

7. Is there any discount for siblings?
Yes. 10% for the first sibling, and then 20% for each additional sibling.

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